We offer a variety of services to meet you and or your family’s needs, and therefore fees vary depending on the kind of service(s) you receive.

While our fees vary depending on service, we are priced competitively with other practices in the area. Further, because we feel it is important to us that our clients have choice and privacy throughout the therapeutic process, we do not currently participate in any insurance panels. While fees vary per type and length of encounter, we do offer partial scholarships when available. 

Accessing mental health services through private pay allows you to have greater freedom in determining what your treatment looks like and how long your treatment lasts, as opposed to insurance companies deciding content and length of treatment. Further, insurance companies typically require a mental health diagnosis be rendered for treatment; these diagnoses, along with other information that insurance companies compel clinicians to provide, are placed in you and/or your child’s permanent mental health records. Though all insurance companies claim to keep this information confidential, we have no control over how this information may be managed in the future.

Fees/Therapy Rates

Counseling Sessions

The therapeutic hour for child and play therapy sessions, both individual and group sessions, equates to approximately 45 minutes; adult sessions and adolescent sessions are held for 50 minutes. The fee for individual session vary by provider, but range between $90 to $200 per therapy hour (45-50 minutes).

Psychoeducational Assessments

Every client's situation is unique. In fact, no two clients will receive the same testing battery. All of our services are customized to meet you and/or your child's needs. The process of psychoeducational assessments consists of a minimum of four separate sessions: an intake session, a clinical interview, child testing, and a feedback session. The cost of the complete assessment process will typically range from $1500-2500. Fees additionally include time spent on the evaluation outside of our direct contact prior to providing you with the final report including a review of records, consultation with other professionals or providers in your child’s life, determination of testing battery, scoring and interpretation of results, and completion of a comprehensive, final report with testing results, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations. If you have questions about pricing and fees, please do not hesitate to ask us. 


Although we have decided not to join insurance panels at this time, upon request we can provide you with a receipt for services, often referred to as a superbill, for you to file for possible reimbursement with your insurance carrier. Depending on your policy, insurance policies may reimburse for out-of-network providers; however, many require a deductible to be met. We encourage you to check with your insurance provider directly to understand your specific coverage as your reimbursement rate will vary depending upon your insurance provider and we are not able to guarantee reimbursement. Keep in mind that your insurance carrier will not process your claim without a diagnosis of a mental disorder.

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